Management Systems Policy

With Our Management Systems Policy of Quality, Environment, OHS, Energy, Information Security and Customer Satisfaction,

And with the Approach of Risk Management and Performance Monitoring,

We, Yıldız Demir Çelik,

  • With Our Product Quality and Diversity, Our New Technological Infrastructure and Our Strong Industry Experience Integrated into Iron and Steel and Our Fast and Competitive Approaches For Our Customers
  • With Our Efficiency, Productivity, Data-Based Decision-Making Processes And Competitiveness For Our Stakeholders
  • With our professional and personal development trainings, reliable working conditions and our principle advocating the preventability of occupational accidents and diseases and by eliminating hazards, minimizing the effects with risk assessment, taking into account the needs and expectations by establishing an effective communication for the development of the OHS Management Systems and by creating the necessary processes for participation and consultation For Our Employees
  • By efficiently using all our necessary resources, especially energy For Our Society
  • By incorporating Energy Performance Improvement from the design stage and ensuring the supply of energy-efficient products and services For Our Resources
  • With the principle of preventing environmental pollution at its source, with our awareness and sustainability approach For Our Environment
  • By complying with all applicable legal and other requirements that we are responsible regarding Quality, Environment, OHS, Information Security, Energy Efficiency, Energy Use and Energy Consumption For Our Country
  • With the awareness of being aware and social responsibility For Our Earth
  • With the awareness of the importance of information and our approach to protect it, For Our Relevant Parties

guarantee that we are committed to providing all of the information and resources required for Continuous Improvement of our Management Systems, Energy Performance, and EnMS by meeting the Feedback, Needs, and Expectations in an aim to improve by constantly evaluating the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Information Security, and Energy goals and targets with measurable performance indicators. In the name of all the employees.

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